3 Expectations after Installing Concrete Resurfacing

Old existing floors can look brand new without replacing it. A concrete resurfacing Houston is a process where a thin cement overlay is poured on top of the old slab. If the old concrete floors have cracks, holes, or chips on them, resurfacing fixes and smoothens the surface like new.

Flooring contractors have been doing this for decades. It’s a traditional flooring restoration and construction. Dawn of the 21st century, the seamless concrete floors resurfaced in the industry. Modernity adapts the traditional and decorative concrete look.

There is more to resurfacing you need to know. Before you give your contractor a call, here are three facts you expect from a concrete floor resurfacing.

1- Only Polished Concrete

Let’s get down to the essential flooring business. The first time seeing a newly restored polished floor may be swept you away, but as you look beyond, you see chaos hidden in the background.

What you should look for after installing the resurfaced concrete is a clean surrounding. Do not let your contractors get away without removing the construction mess.

Did you know that the number one reason why flooring companies fail is that they fail to polish their job? This means that they left debris and empty containers after installation.

Contractors must clean up and leave the site in order.

2- Time to Settle

Many products and service blogs will tell you how things are done. But few will tell you what follows. When you finally have the concrete installed, it makes you want to walk on them immediately. As promised by contractors that you’ll get a job done fast.

But not too quick. You still need to allow a little more time to settle the whole newly poured overlay. Give it time to bind completely. Expect to wait just a little longer, at least a day. This will also allow you to check if the finished work is perfect.

Make a final inspection. You may still see some flaws. When this happens, you can immediately call the contractor back to secure the products’ quality.

3- Closing the Cost

Every home improvement client wants to know the cost. Contractors, too, expect that you can negotiate the price further with them.

There are pros and cons to this, however. Considering the cost after installation may make you pay more or pay less. How? Here are possible scenarios.


Subcontract and Other Fees

First, you might expect that a contractor will add a small fee for post-construction. Maybe they hired a sub-contractor for hauling out the concrete debris and other purposeless slabs. The maintenance crew was hired to work on cleaning the area after. 

This can be avoided, though. You can communicate this detail during planning, expecting no other fees when the project is done. 

Or, if you are lucky, your contractor is able to handle the post-construction responsibly. Trusted professionals know that it’s part of the whole project to handle the mess. Instead of asking for extra fees, they do it as part of the deal.


Evaluation and Follow-up For Maintenance

Here is something that is least known to many. To see future maintenance costs, you can have the contractor offer you post-installation services like an inspection. Stick with them until you need assessment and repairs.

Being a loyal client will reward you with benefits. If you hire the same people, they have been familiarized with your concrete floors’ conditions. Repair and improvement plan will be easy. It will save you time and effort.

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