How to Achieve a Healthy Home With Concrete Care

A healthy surrounding in and out of your properties is key to keeping your loved ones and guests happy and healthy. Regular cleaning and applying concrete sealing Houston to your driveways, patios, and interior floors are necessary steps.

Cleaning your whole properties from the roofs to the walls and then down to the floors will be a breeze when you know some practical tips.

Read on today’s bog for you to begin applying your new skills on sealing the concrete floor to care for your homes.

Practical Tips for Cleaning and Sealing the Concrete

Concrete is a cost-effective material. It requires low-maintenance, and with proper care, it can outlast its typical lifespan. These are essential factors why you need to seal concrete. Now, here are some specifics, why:


  • Concrete can adapt to various climates. It’s also why it has become the most loved flooring material of all time. Sealing is necessary for covering the floors from the cold environment. But for areas like in Texas, where it has a relatively humid feel, sealing will be for other specific reasons. Cleaning will be crucial since dust will accumulate. Moist can also happen, so you want to avoid sticky, hard to remove dirt.

Chemical and Scratch Exposure

  • Concrete is porous. When solvent and chemicals spilled on the surface, they can leak into the soils’ deep layers. It is best to seal the floor’s top layer to avoid leaks from happening.


Color and Design Retention

  •  When you seal and clean the concrete surface, you will be able to retain its color. So you hit two birds with one stone here. You protect the slabs from scratches. Then you are also keeping their look appealing.

Concrete Care: How-to's:

1- Plan First: Know your Surroundings.

 It’s no joke to build a sturdy foundation. So, plan first. The work you want to put on sealing and designing your concrete floors equates with adequate planning. Why? You may wonder. You are only sealing, right? 

Yes. But, you still need to give the floors a closer look. Assess its real condition. Some damages may seem too thin at the surface, but it needs severe treatment when you look closely. Sealing may not be the only fix you need.

2- Precise Pouring and Curing. Here’s an important tip, be precise when pouring the concrete. Successful sealing depends on how accurately poured the mix on the surface. It is also important that the concrete mix has the right proportion of liquid and solid parts. If the mix is too moist, it will cause flaking and chipping. If too dense, it will lead to cracking.

Knowing the specific amount of heat and the ideal temperature is critical for perfect curing. The recommended amount of heat for curing is 50 to 90 degrees. 

3- Regular Cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you got outdoor or indoor concrete. Wherever the floors are, cleaning and sweeping must be a routine. A simple daily sweeping or vacuum is a must. Don’t ignore this tip. In this way, you are also keeping a constant eye on the floor. You may find tiny cracks that can give you signs that concrete needs more than just polishing and sealing.

4- The Right Sealer. A wise property owner always makes sure that the service and products provided at home or in a business are top-quality. Never go for substandard work and materials. Choose the right type of sealer. Here is when you need the professional concrete contractors to help you find out the right materials. 


Final Notes

When looking for practical tips, seek the pros! If you are not sure if your concrete needs sealing or more, call and ask a professional concrete floor installer. Lastly, make cleaning a habit. You are not only be caring for your concrete. You are caring for your loved ones at home as well.

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