Concrete Flooring 101: Concrete Coloring

Applying colors on concrete is one of those many pastimes that make being a homeowner one-of-a-kind. You can do so with no pro assistance, or hire a company like Colored Concrete Houston Texas if you don’t want your hands to get messy. Using all those vivid colors with a touch of imagination makes each moment worth remembering. The process makes you recall those days you spend mostly painting and coloring, don’t you agree? You can unleash your inner child and relive your crayon coloring days once more with concrete floorings and applying colors on them. Here’s how.

Why Color Concrete In The First Place?

Concrete gets damaged over time. Cracks, holes, and unleveled surfaces are just some of the things you need to tackle to keep your concrete functioning. And the procedure of coloring is a type of concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing or refinishing is the process of giving your surfaces and flooring systems a second wind through various means. You might not think of it, but to color, your floors do not only make them appeal more. The process also gives your surfaces improved durability, depending on the product you use.

Colors, Patterns, Designs: Color Charts for Your Concrete Floors

Concrete colors are more than just fancy and vibrant hues, and tones that make lots, decks, and other spaces look full of life. There is sophisticated science at work, which is why there is more to colors than meets the eye. You can peruse these concrete color charts and find out more about them online.

  • Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are one of the many available coloring means. They are see-through and contain toning compounds that go through concrete. They come in water-based and solvent-based mixtures.

  • Integral Colors

Integral colors are some of the more popular choices when it comes to decorative resurfacing. They are resistant to fading, rich in hues, and last longer than other alternatives.

  • Staining Colors

If you are looking for options for your old concrete, you can end your research with staining colors. Stains are ideal for interior and exterior floors. Some of the frequent colors include black, aqua blue, gold, and lawn green.

  • Sealing and coating colors

Sealers and coating colors improve the durability and aesthetic aspects of your surfaces. And you have the liberty to choose from presets or customize a color to your liking.

  • Colors for epoxy base coating

Epoxy floor coating is not complete without pigments and tones. Many options are available, from warm and earthly to standard safety colors.

  • Patterns and designs

The sky is the limit for coloring designs and patterns. You can opt for monochromatic patterns for minimalistic homes. Go for shades of reds and browns for rustic and countryside-style properties. Designs range from standard to complex, depending on your taste

concrete coloring

Picking The Right Color

Many factors come into consideration when selecting the best color.

  • You can pick a color or shade depending on the flooring’s function. Stains, epoxy, and sealers have numerous purposes, and they will affect what color you will choose.
  • Pick one or two that will suit your property’s theme or motif. Go for dark browns and oranges to compliment a wood-filled house. Reds and grays are well for contemporary and classic homes. Modern and minimalist? Try out shades of gray and white.
  • Another factor to consider is where you will install the coating. Would it be inside or outside your home? It is a

A Vivid Conclusion

You can go crazy with coloring your concrete, and no one will tell you otherwise. However, local resurfacing and refinishing companies are open and ready to lend you a hand if a coloring DIY project is way out of your to-do list. You can work with them and find the perfect hue and tint for your surfaces. And they will do the rest.

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