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Interested in a more customized floor? Then stained concrete is the right option for you. But before you decide to get on the DIY train, you must first understand that staining has a level of difficulty that may require a professional contractor. Yes, you can follow an instructional video, buy the product, and do it yourself but, to get the best results, hire someone who has a qualified amount of knowledge and experience to know how to do it efficiently. Plus, don’t you want to just get home to a gorgeous floor and spare yourself from all the dirty work involved?

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The Stained Concrete Installation Process

When you stain concrete, be it on outdoor surfaces or interior floors, it isn’t really like staining wood. It involves a more complicated process. First off, the existing slab must be properly prepared to make the acid or water-based stain adhere. This may require abrasive cleaners and professionals would know how to work with such products. The surface may also require some grinding especially if there is some surface damage or an existing sealer on it. The process requires the right protective gear and equipment to optimize the effect on the concrete surface.

Water-based and Acid Stain

The installation process and resulting look may vary depending on which type of stain is used. Here are the two types of concrete stains:

  • Water-based – This is applied topically to the surface of a well-prepared surface. It comes in an unlimited selection of colors which produce a more vibrant and consistent effect.
  • Acid-based – From the name itself, you would see that it involves a chemical solution to create random and unique effects on the floor. The acid reacts with the natural mineral and salt content of the existing concrete, thus creating a variety of colors using just one color. The effect of acid staining can never be exactly replicated on other surfaces.

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