Cool Decking – Hot Pool Deck Coating that Stays Cool to the Touch

Swimming is one of the most logical things to do on a hot and humid day. Not only do people have a means of cooling down, it is also a very enjoyable activity. While pool water is cool, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cool decking, too? Nothing is more annoying than coming out of the pool feeling all refreshed only to step on a hot pool deck. Fortunately, there is a coating that can help make it cool enough to walk on comfortably.

cool decking houston

Notable Benefits of Cool Pool Deck Overlays

  • A cool deck coating is often used on pool decks because of its ability to maintain a low temperature even while under the heat of the sun. The spray texture of the coating allows air pockets to form, causing air to circulate better, thus, making the surface cool. It is also a highly reflective material that reflects heat back upwards instead of absorbing it.
  • Since the coating is sprayed onto the surface and troweled down, it features a surface that is similar to stucco but with a less intense texture. It is slip-resistant and very comfortable to walk on even with bare feet.
  • A spray knockdown finish is an efficient pool deck repair method for surface deep damage and blemishes, like cracks, dents, discoloration, and other types of concrete damage.
  • A cool decking is affordable compared to other pool deck coatings. It is also a more practical solution to damaged pool decks than removing and replacing the entire deck.

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