4 Tips in Choosing the Pool Deck Overlay That Will Match Your Home’s Exterior

Upon deciding on updating the concrete pool deck, planning starts immediately. The first thing that comes to mind, more often than not, is what type of overlay to use. While it can be quite overwhelming and exciting to choose whatever, it is important to choose carefully. One major factor to consider is to make sure that the deck looks connected to the home’s exterior. Here are some helpful tips in choosing pool deck overlays.

Choose a Similar Pattern

Pool deck coatings are so versatile that it offers a wide selection of patterns to choose from. It would be ideal to choose a pattern that goes well with what your house has. If you have a brick house, then a brick pattern would make it look connected. A stamped overlay can recreate the exact look of your exterior walls with the pool deck. It can also mimic stone, wood, and many other materials.

Follow the Color Theme

Color can be quite tricky. If you choose an exact same color, it can either look connected or redundant. It is important to think about this well and seek the help of a design or color expert. For a safer choice, choose a complementary color. A paint swatch is a great reference for choosing complementary hues. This makes the deck and the exterior walls look connected without making the color too overwhelming to look at.

Connect with the Home’s Style

If you have an old-world European home, choose a pool deck overlay that can be designed the same way. There is nothing more disconnected than a vintage home and a contemporary pool deck. If you have a simple home exterior with no specific style, it would be a lot easier to choose any overlay. For contemporary homes, geometric patterns, utilitarian or bold colors can make the pool deck synonymous with the rest of the property.

Make a Safe Choice

A spray knockdown finish, although a safe choice, is very appealing, functional, and durable. It comes in a variety of colors but can be further customized. Its subtle stucco appearance makes it easy to match with any type of home exterior. Also, if you are not sure about which color to choose, pick a natural one like beige, white, or gray, to name a few. These go with any house color.

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