Selecting the Proper Coatings For Your Garage Floor

There are many different coatings available for updating garage floors. However, you don’t just pick anything that seems interesting to you. There are many different factors that need utmost consideration when choosing a material to coat the garage floor with. Is it really important to go through the selection process? Of course. Remember, you are making an investment here and it should be something you won’t regret and something that won’t waste your time and money. Here are some questions you need to ask to help determine which is the appropriate coating for your garage floor.

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What is the current state of the concrete floor?

It is important to evaluate the concrete floor first. Have a licensed contractor check if the slab is still structurally sound. Check the surface for any damage or distress that might need repairs. Prior to installing a coating, the surface needs to be prepared first to ensure adherence and longer life span.

What is the garage flooring often used for?

You must know how much vehicular or foot traffic goes on over your garage floor. Is it exposed to chemicals often? Then you need a coating that can tolerate chemicals. If it is often used for woodwork, then the coating must be durable enough against impact.

What are your expectations?

If possible, make a list of what you look for in a garage floor as well as the details that are involved in the project. Are you looking for something highly aesthetic? Then list down some patterns, designs, or colors that you prefer. How wide is your garage? Does it have a strict time period for an installation? If it needs to be available for use immediately, you might want to choose something that dries quickly.

What coating is most suitable to your needs?

Research about all types of coatings that can be used on concrete garage floors. Check the reviews and specs of garage epoxy flooring, polyurea polyaspartic coatings, and more. It is highly recommended that you discuss with a professional concrete contractor who can provide you with all the necessary information, such as how thick it is often applied, what type of material it is, how long is its life expectancy, what would it look like when it dries, and more. A pro can also help you choose the right coating that best suits your needs.

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