Top 5 Interior Floors Recommended by Houston Contractors

When it comes to choosing material for interior floors, the most common basis is how it would look and how it would hold up. In Houston, it is also important to take climate into consideration. During summer, temperatures get really hot in the area, one reason why it is known as the “most air-conditioned place on earth”. Whether it involves a new construction or renovation, there are many flooring materials available for you to choose from. To help give you an idea of which flooring material to go for, here are brief descriptions of the materials most recommended by local contractors.

Stained Concrete

concrete staining houston

Concrete is and always will be a highly recommended flooring material. Those who do not favor its utilitarian look will be glad to know that there are various decorative concrete repair, resurfacing, and refinishing solutions available today. One such option is concrete staining. A concrete contractor can stain both a new and old concrete surface, making sure that the new one has cured for a month and that an old one is structurally sound. Acid staining is preferred more by homeowners because of its unique and luxurious aesthetics. Acid stain relies on the chemical reaction between its metallic salts and a slab’s lime and mineral content to create the different color tones and effects.

Laminate Wood

Hardwood is a great material for interior floors, but it can be quite expensive. As an alternative, the laminate wood came into existence. This is as close to natural wood as it could possibly get. It has the appearance, the texture, and finish of real wood. Some even came with wood grain surfaces, chisel marks, and knots. This is more affordable and required minimal maintenance.


Cork is a great flooring material for those with allergies. It’s uniquely organic look goes well with any type of interior design. Cork is a great insulator and can absorb sound.

This is ideal for use in kids’ bedrooms and family rooms because it is cushioned, soft, and comfortable to walk on.


Tile comes in a broad range of style, shape, color, patterns, and textures. It comes in big and small sizes. It is resistant to water and stain, making it easy to clean and maintain. There are two types of tile: ceramic and porcelain.


Vinyl is an affordable material ideal for use on indoor floors. It can be designed to mimic stone, wood, and even tile. Vinyls either come in solid tiles or strips or as sheets with fabric backs. These are easy to clean and maintain.

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