Saw the Signs!: How Do You Know When to Repair Your Concrete

Concrete is a well-loved flooring material by every home and business property owners. It is appraised for its durability and cost-efficiency that no other flooring types can give. A concrete repair Houston is not often necessary. Maintenance is low-cost, saving you both time and money resources.

The dense block of cementitious material is undeniably strong, lasting for a lifetime. A concrete surface is installed and appropriately sealed by professional contractors to surpass any challenges, issues, or damages. But underneath it may be the hidden signs of concrete failure that may emerge later.

Now the question, how do you know we n do your concrete need repair? There are signs to see. Learn what these are in this blog!

concrete repair of stairs

1- Common Cracks

Cracks are common to concrete. However, with innovative resurfacing techniques, experts find a way to cover up the flaws and restore its flawless surface.

Thin creases on the cement can also be a decorative accent when treated with staining or epoxy sealers. But behind these seemingly tiny faults, there could be a more significant issue that you need to face. When you see cracks, it is time for you to call expert concrete contractors to evaluate what repairs it needs.

This time, you will know if it needs a replacement or a more efficient solution like resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is your option if you need a decorative enhancement to your interior or exterior concrete.

2- Shifting Surface

Now, a major telltale sign a repair is on the way. Shifting concrete surfaces. These are floors where slabs are out of level. When you see this, be alarmed. But don’t panic. Just be aware that a small slab pouting out from the ground causes slipping and tripping. These are accident-prone circumstances.

You can avoid these by immediately calling on your trusted expert flooring contractor.

3- Spalling Surface

When you see concrete looking unpolished, exposed, and its surface is taking off, spalling is happening. This is worst than peeling or chipping. You can see early signs of spalling when you observe that a specific area on the floor accumulates crumbs of concrete. At first, you may just notice sandy particles on the ground.

It is also good to know what causes spalling. Most of the time, spalling is due to faulty installation. If the concrete mix poured on top of the substrates did not cure properly, it only leads to damage.

Repairs can be extensive or intensive. Before you choose and give faulty concrete its grand makeover or turnover, ask the experts first. It will save you time and resources when you see the signs of problems and apply the right solutions for fixing it.

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