Top 3 Decorative Overlays For Concrete Patios

Homeowners are treating their backyards with more importance nowadays. If the concrete patio is structurally sound, there are many ways to improve its appearance and function without tearing out the old concrete and replacing it with another. That would totally be a waste of time and money. A patio resurfacing job is a lot more practical. Overlays can be installed on top of the existing patio as an update or as a concrete repair solution. Here are the three most popular overlays used today for patios:

Stamped Concrete Overlay

There are so many different types of paving materials that you can use on patios. Stone, tile, pavers, brick, and a lot more. Despite the wide selection, it can still be quite difficult to choose because most of them cost an exorbitant amount of money. A stamped concrete patio is the most practical alternative. It is affordable and it can be designed to look exactly as the material you are trying to go for. Stamp mats come in a variety of patterns, ranging from brick patterns all the way to natural stone.

Spray Knockdown Texture

An acrylic concrete coating is popularly used on pool decks but it can be used on any outdoor surface as well, like on the patio. This is a unique coating that is sprayed on the slab instead of poured by a concrete contractor. The splattered material on the slab is then troweled to flatten the material a bit. This process creates a unique look that is similar to stucco but with a more subtle texture. One cool thing about this overlay is that it is literally cool. It is able to maintain a low temperature even after long hours of being exposed to sunlight.

Stained Concrete

Although a stain does more of a refinishing than a resurfacing, it still deserves to be mentioned as a top choice for patios. It can be used on its own on an existing concrete patio or a newly poured one, as long as it has cured for at least a month or so. It can also be added to an overlay as a coloring agent. A stamped patio with a natural stone pattern, for example, would look more realistic with multiple stain colors. There are two types you could use on patios: acid and water-based. Acid stains develop unique color tones and patterns making the concrete look like leather or even marble. This is caused by a chemical reaction between the metallic salts in the stain and the natural lime and mineral content of concrete. Water-based stains create more consistent colors, perfect for custom designs and patterns.

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