5 Trendy Pool Decking Options for Your Residential or Commercial Property

A home is incomplete without a swimming pool but it is not enough to have a pool and a deck. It requires careful planning and decision-making. The look has to reflect the homeowner’s personal style. It should be functional and durable enough to make it a worthwhile investment. If you are planning to build or update your pool deck, here are some trending ideas you might want to adopt:

1. The Natural Look

stamped concrete pool deck houstonMore and more people are incorporating nature into their pool area. Waterfalls, rock boulders, and plants are finding themselves nearer the pool than ever before. To go with the concept of a natural look, a pool deck resurfacing can be done on the concrete surface to make it look like natural stone. Concrete stamping natural stone patterns are more affordable than installing real stone pavers.

2. Weathered or Reclaimed Wood

pool deckWood used to be a common material for pool decks, especially for above-ground pools. The trend is coming back around but, this time, it features uncommon types of wood. Reclaimed lumber is a popular material nowadays for ceilings, walls, furniture, and more. It is also a great idea to use them on pool decks because the weathered look gives it a certain character that is quite rustic and laid-back.

3. Spray Texture Pool Decking

concrete pool deck houstonThe acrylic concrete coating is one of the most popular resurfacing solutions for pool decks. Because it is sprayed onto the surface and then troweled to knock down the sharp tips, it creates a texture that is slip-resistant. Another significant benefit of spray texture is that it reflects heat. This means the surface stays cooler for a long time because instead of absorbing heat, it reflects it.

4. Colored Concrete

stamped concrete pool deck houstonA concrete stamping is durable but not that appealing. Adding color can immediately enhance its look. Concrete staining is a popular method of refinishing a plain and boring pool deck. Stains penetrate past the surface, making it resistant to fading and peeling. Concrete stains come in two types: acid and water-based.

5. Fire & Water

concrete pool deck houstonWater and fire features are great additions to pool decks. It adds drama and provides several purposes. Aside from being a focal point that can spark meaningful conversations, it also makes the pool deck look fancier. You can add a portable fire pit or a fixed outdoor fireplace you can use for barbecue, as a source of light, or a source of warmth.

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