Epoxy Floors Houston, TX: Superior & Durable Surfaces You Can Count On

 Are you tired of dealing with floors that look worn out, show cracks, and fail to live up to your expectations? Do you want your surfaces to be not only functional but also aesthetically appealing?

The state of your floors can significantly impact the overall appearance and functionality of your space. Cracked, aging, or unattractive surfaces not only diminish the appeal of your environment but also affect your comfort and safety.

Look no further than Epoxy Floors Houston, TX. We specialize in providing top-notch epoxy flooring solutions that transform your surfaces into superior, durable, and visually stunning spaces.

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We offer an Epoxy Flooring system that lets you have both on a garage floor coating Houston TX. Not only will your garage floor look beautiful under your car, but it will also be a complementary and valuable upgrade to the rest of your residential or commercial property. We are one of the best providers of epoxy floors Houston in town!


Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coating?

Floor epoxy is a highly recommended coating system for your garage and other concrete surfaces because it possesses features that can endure any use and abuse. Here is a more detailed list of why you should go for this coating system above anything else:

  • Epoxy flooring Houston can be applied to an existing concrete garage flooring, after proper cleaning and preparation.
  • It can be made to look more visually appealing by adding color or multi-colored microchips.
  • It is an effective material for filling and sealing cracks and gaps.
  • The cost of an epoxy floor coating Houston is quite economical because it lasts longer, and it does not require a complete concrete removal and replacement procedure.
  • It can withstand chemical spills, tire treads, impact, abrasion, and heavy foot traffic.
  • You can also use epoxy floor coatings on basement surfaces, commercial spaces, showrooms, car dealerships, and industrial surfaces.
  • An epoxy floor requires very minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Step-by-Step Installation Process of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a combination of a resin and a hardener that, when mixed together, can dry to very hard material. It is resistant to most types of damage. This makes a great epoxy floor coating. The application process of epoxy coatings is fairly simple but requires an experienced installer. Here is a rough summary of how your epoxy flooring Houston is transformed:

  • First, a professional installer assesses the current concrete slab, making sure it is a qualified candidate for an epoxy coating.
  • The coating is mixed and then poured onto the slab.
  • It is spread thoroughly using a roller or brush.
  • If the owner wishes, colored paint chips can be broadcasted onto the first layer, giving it that terrazzo-like appearance.
  • A finishing coat is applied to seal in the chips

Throughout the entire process, your epoxy flooring in Houston and other concrete floors will receive the utmost care from our professional installers. So, you need not worry about everything else because we got you!

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When it comes to efficient epoxy systems, there is only one name you could trust. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Houston is a decorative concrete contractor for both residential and commercial areas with over 30 years of industry experience. We have managed to maintain our A+rating from BBB due to our commitment to making every concrete resurfacing project a success. As an exclusive Sunder Installer in the area, we make sure that the products we use in all our services provide customers with a long-lasting surface that looks as good as it functions. And epoxy floors Houston is one of our specialties in this field!

Learn more about epoxy floors Houston concrete overlays, we also offer different designs such as metallic epoxy floor Houston from a reliable decorative concrete contractor in the Houston, TX area! 

Ready to transform your garage floor, basement, commercial or industrial spaces from greasy to dreamy? Call us at (713) 999-6461 now! We'll surely upgrade and make your epoxy floors Houston look better and grander! Free estimate!


Expect to pay $4 – $9 per square foot.

  • Slippery when wet
  • Strong toxic smell during installation
  • Hard to remove from concrete when you’re planning to replace your floor
  • Cold on feet

Epoxy is highly recommended for functional and aesthetic purposes. It can survive heavy impact and may look slippery because of its glossy effect, but it is actually slip-resistant. 

Yes, you don’t need to worry about doing excessive cleaning because epoxy can make your floors spotless with just a few sweeping! Plus, it’s extremely safe from accidents because of slip and shock-resistant.

Houston Decorative Concrete have a dedicated team of professionals who understand the needs of our clients. Our experts work tirelessly to deliver top quality results on every job, using durable materials that have earned us reviews in the industry. We take pride in our business and the way we transform your spaces, be it repairing and polishing stained surfaces, acid staining your kitchen, bathroom, pool deck, or patio, creating beautifully customized areas for your family to enjoy.

Houston Decorative Concrete

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